Landscape Design Photos and Renderings

Whether you know it or not, landscape design is an industry that produces millions of dollars in revenue every year, and for a number of reasons.  The beauty of nature is something that strikes awe in a lot of us–why is that?  It’s almost as though there is a connection with nature that we have yet to really articulate.

A well maintained landscape is great to experience first hand; however, the enjoyment doesn’t have to stop there.  Takin photos of manicured landscapes can also be a fun and rewarding experience as well.  Not only does the photographer get to spend a bit of time in nature, but the viewer of the photo gets to benefit from the experience as well.  You know what they say–a picture is worth a thousand words!

Take a look at this beautiful image taken near Indianapolis, Indiana and take a minute to really look, because there will be a test:

Do you see all the freshly planted greenery, meticulously groomed and placed in precise order?  Can you appreciate the mosaic features of the paver patio walkway’s intricate design and color?  Do you feel the excitement of “new life” springing upward from the earth?

Do us all a favor and spend more time taking photos like this.  The world will benefit!